Monday, June 19, 2017

Drive in Colorado to ban smartphones for children

A few years ago, my car broke down and I was surprised to discover that there were no payphones anymore. That was when I gave in and bought a cell phone. My mobile communications budget went from 35 cents every six years to use a payphone to $80 a year for the cheapest cell phone I could find. I have nearly 800 minutes on this thing because I have to add more time every three months and I never use it.

I haven't had anyone make fun of my phone yet. If they do, I'm ready to tell them it's a Tracfone, the brand favored by criminals. When Sean Penn went to interview that big drug guy in Mexico, he bought a new Tracfone every day to make the arrangements.

So it's fine with me if Colorado bans "smartphones" for children.

The idea is that smartphones make children dumber. You should limit how many hours a day they stare at screens.

On the other hand, why protect rich kids from themselves? Smartphones cost a lot. Only wealthy preteens have them. Let the poor kids have an advantage for once.

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