Saturday, June 3, 2017

Is Johnny Depp becoming the new Nicholas Cage?

So, Johnny Depp is suing his former "management team" for allegedly taking out tens of millions of dollars in loans without his knowledge. Didn't Nicholas Cage try to blame his accountant for his financial problems? I have no idea what the facts are, obviously, but here, from TMZ:
Attorney for TMG, Michael Kump, tells us, "Johnny Depp's outrageously false claim that he didn't know about $40 million in loans is beyond preposterous. Depp and his sister knew about each and every loan; Depp signed every document and spent all the loan proceeds.

"Tellingly, Depp is now seeking to prevent all discovery from Tracey Jacobs of UTA and Jake Bloom of Bloom Hergott. Depp knows that these two critical witnesses will fully support TMG’s case and reveal Depp for the extraordinary liar and spendthrift that he is. It is no mystery why Depp is trying so hard to prevent this core discovery."
They told Depp in 2015 that he would have to sell much of his French properties just to remain solvent.

Didn't he cash in on Greece's EU-imposed economic crisis by purchasing a Greek island? He already owned three islands in the Bahamas. 

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