Monday, June 5, 2017

More Russian conspiracy crap

Russians live in apartments, use public transportation and make much more use of passenger railroads. You could replace every car in America with a Prius and we would still produce far more greenhouse gases than Russia. Why blame Russia for global warming?

But Democracy Now is claiming that Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement was a Russian conspiracy.

"Another country that would very much like to see the world not make a commitment to move off of oil and fossil fuels is Russia, a country, of course, where there is a great deal of concern about the relationship of Donald Trump to Putin and to Russia." blathered Antonia Juhasz, pictured above.

For years, anti-Communist proaganda consisted largely of attacks on Russia for their lack of massive over-production like that in the rich capitalist countries. But now they're blaming Russia for exporting natural gas to Western Europe. Germany won't even put speed limits on the Autobahn. The Black Forest is dying from the excessive pollution caused by commuters driving 180 miles per hour or more and the German's still cling to Hitler's dream of a freeway where you can go as fast as you want. But American "progressives" have decided that the pollution the ex-Nazis keeps belching out is Russia's fault.

Meanwhile, Al Gore travels between his three mansions in a private jet. He lives alone since his wife dumped him but thinks he needs three giant houses that use more energy than a Russian apartment block.

If there were a Russian conspiracy to cause global warming, it's being thwarted by China:
The U.S. is now a rapidly declining figure on the world stage politically and, in the future, economically as the Unite States remains fixated on polluting industries and protectionism while China is stepping into the breach politically and financially under the  leadership of President Xi to exercise global leadership on climate and  sustainable development.

China is  crafting agreements with willing partners on climate and sustainable development around the globe ranging from the Belt and Road initiative and now with the EU and U.S. states like California. Governor Brown can find  partners for sustainable development in Beijing,not Washington.
China has swiftly become the world’s best hope for sustainable prosperity and building an ecological civilization through green investment and cooperation. China is already the world’s leader in photovoltaics, solar water heating, and wind. China Grid, the world’s largest utility, is planning to help wire the world with high voltage direct current power lines (HVDC) for global renewable electricity. China is global leader in reforestation for carbon dioxide  capture. China is now also  global leader in building gigafactories for electric vehicle batteries.  China is now embraced on a crash program to “Make the skies blue again”, replacing coal plants in major Eastern cities this year with natural  gas. China is  ahead of schedule in meeting its carbon dioxide reduction targets and ledges under Paris Climate agreement.

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