Thursday, May 24, 2018

Kid takes cat to prom

Okay, I was wrong. I said teenagers shouldn't take inanimate objects as dates to their school proms. Instead of a relaxing evening alone, they were stuck carrying around a cardboard cut-out of a celebrity, or a computer, a blow-up doll or a pineapple in one case. But at least with those things you can put them in the trash, stick them in a corner or put them in the trunk of the car when you realize what a horribly stupid mistake it was to bring them.

This guy brought a cat to the prom. Probably spent the evening trying to keep it from panicking. And look where they are. Out in the open. If the cat had gotten loose, he'd never see it again. Probably got cat hair all over his suit.

A vaguely related thing I saw on TV almost 50 years ago

I lived for a short time in San Antonio, Texas, when I was a kid. There was this show on local TV. Local teen intellectuals would discuss important questions. One question was, would you rather have a horse of a mini-bike? They all said a horse because mini-bikes cause pollution. Except one kid who quipped, "You know what kind of pollution horses make?"

I wouldn't want either one, so I would take a mini-bike because, back then, they only cost about $100 and you could stick it in the back of the garage and forget about it.

I don't know if mini bikes are still a thing, so here's a picture of one. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Mia Farrow was worse than anyone imagined

Moses Farrow has posted an essay about his family, the abuse he and other kids in the family endured from Mia Farrow. Here it is:

It answers a few questions I've had for a while. One is that Mia Farrow's brother, now in prison for child molestation, did visit Mia Farrow, visited the family, was with the children. Mia Farrow has never shown any concern for his victims or even the fact that he was hanging around with her children.

The abuse the children in that family suffered was far worse than I would have ever imagined. I won't quote the article here. I did save the photo above from it. Click the link and read.

Picture of some child actors

Must be some Father's Day-related publicity photo. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, Barry and Stanley Livingston and Clint and Ronnie Howard are brothers, so it's like they had some unfair advantage over the rest of us. On the other hand, a couple of them are weird-looking and succeeded in spite of that, which would suggest that child stardom was attainable by any of us.

Must have been embarrassing for Stanley Livingston, a teenager among the children. Why is there only one girl? And it's hard to tell, but is Johnny Whittaker's fly open?

Nollywood films available on Amazon

I came across a Roku channel with Nollywood films, but it cost a little more than I wanted to pay so I passed.

"Nollywood" refers to the movie industry in Nigeria. Some years ago, Nigeria was awash with guns, it became dangerous to go out at night so people stayed home and home video became the preferred form of entertainment spawning a movie industry that has stayed on top of technological advances, using the latest prosumer equipment. They switched from videocassettes to DVDs which they sell for a couple bucks each.

I was sitting at work. I thought maybe I should take greater advantage of Amazon Prime even though I'm philosophically opposed and have been trying to spend less. I looked at Amazon on the computer. But what would I order?

I looked up the films of Andy Milligan, the low budget horror auteur, and was surprised to find that several of his movies were available free on streaming video with Amazon Prime. I looked up Nollywood and found they had a handful of movies available there as well.

Late at night, I turned on a movie about a white guy in Nigeria who becomes possessed by a ghost. I slept through most of it, but it was well-made as far as I could tell, better than the clips I've seen of earlier Nollywood movies.

Cinema is in flux. Between cheap DVD's, streaming video and Hollywood producing nothing but super hero crap, you think something like that could catch on here?

Friday, May 18, 2018

James Franco, "no meaningful consequences"

James Franco ready to inflict more sex abuse.

You want to get rid of James Franco, you're just going to have to shoot him. has observed that Franco has suffered "no meaningful consequences" after being exposed as a complete scumbag by the #MeToo movement.
...Franco responded to these allegations on The Late Show like a four-year-old who doesn't want to admit to knocking over his mothers lamp, saying, "If I have done something wrong, I will fix it -- I have to." No additional word from him yet on whether or not he has done something wrong, so no steps have been made to fix it.

Franco currently stars in the acclaimed HBO series The Deuce, which is a look at life in New York during the 1970s, when porn and prostitution were rampant in Manhattan. Which ... seems like the kind of show that puts him in a position to very easily do the things he's been accused of again? And while HBO seemed to want to take a hard stance against working with men accused of harassment (they dropped Louis C.K.'s stand-up specials and removed his show Lucky Louie from the service), when the Franco allegations came around, someone must have walked by them playing a very loud tuba. They've greenlit The Deuce for a second season, with Franco continuing in two lead roles.

Oh, and Franco's IMDb page shows that he's in 13 movies and shows set to come out in 2018/19, which is actually slowing down a bit, considering he had an astounding 15 credits in 2017 alone. So ... that's it, I guess? The accusations, a vague acknowledgement that they exist, and the guy continues to appear in about 40 percent of all Hollywood productions? You can argue among yourselves about what should or shouldn't have happened to him, but it's pretty clear there's not a lot of consistency in how we decide who gets ostracized.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Josh Elvis Weinstein's I Need You To Kill

I've been listening religiously to Andy Kindler and Josh Elvis Weinstein's Thought Spiral podcast. New episodes appear at midnight, Sunday night/Monday morning. I have to get up for work Monday morning but I sit up until 1:30 or 2:00 AM listening.

Weinstein was in the original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000. He was the first to leave the show and probably had the most success after leaving. He went to Hollywood. There was already someone named Josh Weinstein working there, so he called himself "J Elvis Weinstein". He says he added "Elvis" so his initials would spell "Jew", like he was socking it to all those Hollywood anti-Semites.

No one under thirty should choose their own name. I read about some hippies who didn't name their daughter. She chose the name "Area" when she was four, and, okay, that was kind of a good name. But my brother had a fourteen-year-old music student who insisted on being called Zoro. Now Zoro is a low level celebrity and he's been stuck with that name for decades.

J. Elvis Weinstein's documentary, I Need You To Kill, is now free with Amazon Prime. Acme Comedy Co. owner Louis Lee takes three stand-up comics on tour in the Orient. We find out if they're funny to the people of Asia. They perform in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Singapore. I won't give away how they do.

I was a little surprised at how much comedians in Singapore joke about how oppressive Singapore is.

Louis Lee in the most interesting character in it, talking about how he came to the US from Hong Kong, about starting a comedy club and what he was trying to accomplish. He advises Asian club owners about how to approach it.

A couple of the comics have suits made for them by a tailor in Hong Kong. This must be a common thing. It happened forty-five years ago on an episode of My Three Sons. Don Grady was in Hong Kong, got measured for a suit. He marvels at how quickly they'll have the suit ready for him, then we see the "tailors" go into the back room and get his suit off a rack.

With theme music reminiscent of the theme to Enter the Dragon which is pretty funny.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Miley Cyrus retracts apology

Miley Cyrus has gone on Twitter and retracted her forced apology for the "nude" photo she did ten years ago by Annie Leibovitz. It was published in Vanity Fair. 

I remember when that happened. I heard it on the radio. The public was outraged and the NPR set was as dumb as everyone else. Women called into the show and complained that boys didn't "have to" pose like that. They couldn't distinguish Vanity Fair from Tiger Beat. "They're magazines, ain't they?"

Miley at the time thought the photo looked "pretty and really natural". Annie Leibovitz called it a "simple, classic portrait."

One housewife on the phone with NPR didn't think it was artistic because "how come them colors look funny?"

Boys, by the way, are more likely than girls to appear nude or skimpily clad in the media. How many times were the kids on Malcolm in the Middle walking around in underwear? The young fellows in Stand By Me had a wet underwear scene, Devon Sawa and a couple of other kids had a graphic skinny dipping sequence in another movie---the movie had a lady director and they had to have their moms on the set watching. Poor Corey Haim was as naked as Miley was in his implied nude scene in Lucas, and he was raped on the set of that movie. The late Brad Renfro had a locker room scene in a movie directed by an accused ephebophile.