Monday, November 20, 2017

Turns out Charlie Rose is a pervert

Now Charlie Rose? He seemed so dignified. I heard he kept interrupting people and I noticed this watching his show one time, but I didn't watch it regularly.

Rose employed a lot of young women behind the scenes on his show. They became known as "Charlies Angels".

According to the Washington Post:
Most of the women said Rose alternated between fury and flattery in his interactions with them. Five described Rose putting his hand on their legs, sometimes their upper thigh, in what they perceived as a test to gauge their reactions. Two said that while they were working for Rose at his residences or were traveling with him on business, he emerged from the shower and walked naked in front of them. One said he groped her buttocks at a staff party.
Reah Bravo was an intern and then associate producer for Rose’s PBS show beginning in 2007. In interviews, she described unwanted sexual advances while working for Rose at his private waterfront estate in Bellport, N.Y., and while traveling with him in cars, in a hotel suite and on a private plane.
I learned about this the way I get a lot of news. I looked at Twitter, J Elvis Weinstein had tweeted "Charlie Rose but now he falls".

I thought, "Uh oh. I wonder what that's about."

I did a quick news search and sure enough.

Rose interviewing Bibi Netanyahu

One more Al Franken accuser

He's no Bill Clinton, but Al Franken has again been accused of harassment or sexual assault---I don't know what the criminal charge would be.

A woman claims Franken gave her the ol' George Bush treatment as her husband took a picture of them together at the Minnesota State Fair.

CNN reports: her husband held up her phone and got ready to snap a photo of the two of them, Franken "pulled me in really close, like awkward close, and as my husband took the picture, he put his hand full-fledged on my rear," Menz said. "It was wrapped tightly around my butt cheek."
"I take thousands of photos at the state fair surrounded by hundreds of people, and I certainly don't remember taking this picture," Franken said. "I feel badly [sic] that Ms. Menz came away from our interaction feeling disrespected."

I suppose it's possible that a third person---isn't this a gag they used in old movies?---a third individual grabbed the woman's buttock and she assumed it was Al Franken doing it. And her husband taking the picture somehow failed to notice.

Many years ago, I was in a Safeway. There was a rack of books from a Christian publisher. I stood there reading a "treasury" of clean jokes. One of the jokes was a preschool girl was very proud of her shiny new shoes. She and her mother got on an elevator. A man and a woman were on the elevator with them. Suddenly the woman slapped the man and they began shouting at each other. Then the girl and her mother got off the elevator and the girl says that that lady scuffed her shoe so she reached up and pinched her bottom. 

The joke wasn't as clean as I'd like.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Charles Manson no longer alive

Charles Manson, dead of natural causes at 83. He was raped in reform school when he was 12, but I don't think that's what his problem was.

I finally heard one of his songs and it was just crap.

I don't remember ever hoping for his death, but I feel pretty good about it. If I never see another prison interview with him again it will be too soon.

Is there a coming backlash on sex abuse claims?

People are worried that there will be a backlash against the wave of sexual harassment accusations. I don't know if there will be. This may not make a difference, but I can't see that the standard of proof has changed. Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Louis CK had multiple accusers and have more or less admitted what they did. Roy Moore is obviously a pervert. Cases with less evidence or where there wasn't a larger pattern of abuse get less response.

In defense of Kevin Spacey on a minor point, I didn't think he was trying to divert attention when he came out as gay at the same time he made his apology to Anthony Rapp. I don't think he was conflating homosexuality and pedophilia or trying to hide behind being gay. He (sort of) apologized for something he said he didn't remember doing. He needed to explain why he didn't remember doing it but still thought it was something he might do if he were really drunk.

And I mentioned this briefly before----in his roast of Rob Reiner, Al Franken listed gay men and men rumored to be gay and jokes that they raped Reiner when he was a child. Most anti-gay comments are in joke form, so this being said as a joke doesn't make it any better. Franken conflated homosexuality with child rape and it didn't seem to bother anyone.

How was that an attack on Rob Reiner anyway? How was it roasting him to say he was molested as a child? How was it a joke? What was the punchline?

I decided a few years ago that I should be more moralistic. Not moral, just moralistic. I was moral enough. But I was tired of being open-minded, of pretending not to be offended by things that were intentionally offensive. I feel much better as a result.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Maybe Al Franken's not so bad after all

So far so good. No new Al Franken accusers. Maybe the elderly Minnesota millionaire will pull through.

Democrats who have their panties in a bunch over Donald Trump staying out of Vietnam---he couldn't be drafted due to bone spurs---might note that Al Franken, who supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and the massive US and NATO bombing of Libya, kept his brother from being drafted by helping him lose so much weight that he was rendered 4-F, which is fine with me. Franken wrote about this in Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot.

If Trump had bone spurs, he was prone to problems like tendonitis. The military had pretty good reason for not wanting him (assuming his condition was real.) Having trouble walking would be a serious handicap in combat.

It's rich people like John McCain, who WANTED to join the slaughter in Vietnam to advance his career, who I can't stomach.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Alabama high school helped Roy Moore prey on children

There was a really ghastly murder case in the 1920s. I won't go into detail. It was in Los Angeles. A young man was fired from his job at a bank when he was caught embezzling money. He decided to kidnap the banker's daughter and hold her for ransom. So he went to the girl's school.

He told the people in the office that the banker had been in an accident and was dying, and he wanted to see his daughter before he died.

They asked which one? He had two daughters.

He didn't know her name, but it was the younger one.

They told him the girls were twins--they were the same age.

So he said to just give him whichever one was smaller and, shockingly, the school handed her over to him.

I'll end the story there. School officials didn't think it was strange that the dying father wanted to see one twin daughter and not the other? That this guy didn't know her name? They couldn't pick up the phone and make a call?

I was reminded of this hearing about Roy Moore, the hyper-religious right-wing Alabama politician who was removed from the state supreme court twice. Turns out the guy has a history going after girls as young as fourteen. When he was a lawyer in his 30's, he was known for hitting on teenage girls in a shopping mall.

He asked a high school girl working at Sears what school she went to. She told him. He asked for her phone number. She didn't give it to him.

But a few days later, she was sitting in class at school. She was called to the office. She had a phone call. It was Roy Moore. The school called her to the office to take an obscene phone call from a sexual predator.

Moore told Sean Hannity that he MIGHT have dated teenagers when he was in his 30s----he can't remember, but he sure wouldn't rule it out.

Moore still has his supporters. Some think it's all a left-wing conspiracy. Others told reporters that the Devil is trying to bring him down. How do they know God isn't trying to stop him?

The guy who kidnapped that girl in the 1920s had a defender, too. Ayn Rand was going to write a book about him. He was a crude Nietzschean like she was, and Rand was outraged that an √úbermensch would be judged by ordinary people on a jury.

Al Franken stinks

Another hilarious Al Franken gag photo.
I never thought much of Al Franken on Saturday Night Live. He was known for bad taste. Older writers referred to him an Tom Davis as those guys who wanted to say "fart" on TV. (They can say that on TV now and it's not the boon Franken thought it would be.)

Politically, he's a right-wing Democrat. He's a Zionist, defends and supports Israel's ongoing crime against the goyim in Gaza, he supported the invasion of Iraq, the destruction of Libya and he supports mass government surveillance. Now he's a neo-McCarthyite. He went to an elite prep school and was a Harvard boy.

If he resigns, good riddance to him.

In fairness to Franken, in the '30's or '40's, the comedy team The Ritz Brothers were traveling by train. Their manager was with them and he fell asleep. So the zany Ritz Brothers gave him a "hot foot". If you had been that manager, would you have rather had a second degree burn on your foot or have those morons take pictures pretending to molest you in your sleep?

Franken is not as bad as The Ritz Brothers. At least not in that regard. I'm not aware of the Ritz Brothers calling for mass surveillance or the destruction of entire societies.

I was going to put a picture of a pediatric burn ward in Gaza here, but I couldn't.