Sunday, November 13, 2011

A You Tube celebrity

I posted a while back about YouTube celebrities. If you need a star for a low budget movie, would it make sense to use one? Or could you manufacture your own YouTube celebrity for your movie?

I only know of a few YouTube celebrities. There was Justin Bieber who's hit it big, and Tay Zonday who did a Pepsi commercial.

There's a kid named Dylan Eshbaugh who did a show on You Tube called "Dylan's Couch". He would sit on a couch and tell scripted but plausible-sounding anecdotes about his teenage antics. It looks like that series ended a couple of years ago. There were also videos posted of him on stage at acting camp. I googled his name and found that he had appeared in a short film when he he was eight or nine, and he was in an independent Canadian film called Echo Beach.

The movie trailer:

IMDB describes Dylan as the "host". He's shown in the preview speaking directly to the camera. Sounds like he's a narrator or a Greek Chorus.

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Shannon "Shaggy72" Shaw said...

Yes, I have spoken to the director of Echo Beach quite often and he said Dylan was a wonderful actor and person. That kid has a promising future ahead of him. He quit the you tube thing as he started focusing on living his life, and now in college.
As for you tube celebrity, one would have to PAY quite a bit of money and amenities to get one to appear in a low-budget indie film. I see it like this: in the world of you tube, there are "stars" who have millions of subscribers, but most of the world hasn't heard of them. Wil Wheaton, Nathan Fillion & Bruce Campbell may not be household names, but, in their circles, their "world", they are as big as the Beatles, especially at conventions & online. Thus, one would be very lucky to acquire even a you tube celebrity to be a part of their indie projects.