Saturday, December 1, 2012

What Angus T Jones needs to be careful of

I quit worrying about other people's religious beliefs. Except for Scientologists---I can't stand those idiots. Religious beliefs are mostly innocuous, and I disagree with almost everyone about almost everything else, so why should that be any different?

Angus T Jones becoming a Seventh Day Adventist doesn't bother me. I'm less offended by his talk about Satan using smutty TV shows to harm humanity than I am by the smutty TV shows themselves. I'm tired of that crap----South Park, Family Guy, Two and a Half Men. Those are the only ones I've watched but I know there are lots of others. I want a wholesome adult sit-com. Remember The Bob Newhart Show? The Mary Tyler Moore Show? And I wouldn't mind a good private eye show, either. There hasn't been one of those in a while.

But Angus needs to beware of this thing where celebrities become spokesmen for whatever they get involved in.

Roseanne Barr claims to have recovered memories of childhood sex abuse, and a week later she's pontificating before Congress on the subject. Suddenly she's an expert.

Christopher Reeve is in a horseback riding accident, and as soon as he's out of the hospital he's an expert discussing paralysis and disability before Congress and on the news. He annoyed a lot of disabled people. Many need government assistance for their daily lives, but Reeve didn't understand the issues. All he talked about was finding a cure.

Imagine you're a teenager. You've just joined a church for the first time and a week later you're on TV and on the internet acting as their spokesman, explaining their beliefs and talking about how to live as a Christian. It's a recipe for humiliation. The poor boy has already had to apologize for jokingly begging people to not watch his show. The people he was trying to appeal to don't watch it anyway. If anything, he boosted their ratings.

Angus needs to lie low. Play it cool.  He should model himself after Ann B. Davis who joined a religious community in the '70s, not Kirk Cameron.

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