Monday, May 6, 2013

The Aura

A little like Breaking Bad

I watched the Argentine movie, The Aura, which is apparently being remade in Hollywood. The original films are always better. Translating a foreign film and setting it in the US never quite works. It's like making a western based on a Samurai movie. It almost works, but there are things that don't make sense.

The movie is about an epileptic taxidermist with a photographic memory who wants to commit the perfect crime. He and a taxidermist friend go hunting. His friend has an emergency and runs home leaving him there in a cabin. He discovers that the missing hunting lodge owner is a criminal plotting a crime similar to what he wanted to attempt and he sees his chance to become involved.

A bit like Breaking Bad on a different scale. And sort of like a grim version that comic The Ghost and Mr Chicken (a newspaper typesetter desperately wants to be a reporter), Ernest Goes to Camp (a handyman desperately wants to be a camp counselor), and wasn't there a Jerry Lewis movie where a janitor so desperately wants to be a private eye that he assumes the identity of a detective whose office he cleans?

I don't think there are any where the star wants to commit a serious crime.

But the movie was great. 

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