Monday, August 26, 2013

Breaking Bad, "Confession"

Well, they certainly fooled me with that title, "Confession". The last episode ended with Hank walking in to talk with Jesse who keeps his yap shut. But there are a couple of other confessions.

Hank is the desperate one now-----he's the one facing prison, who will have to use all his cunning to escape.

But a couple of the implausibilities of earlier episodes were brought up. There was Walt's whole plan where he would poison Brock so that Jesse would think that Walt had done it and come to kill him so that Walt could convince him that Gus did it. There was no reason for either one to poison the kid and I don't see why Jesse would have thought either one did it.

Then there was the thing where Saul "knows a guy" who can help people disappear and create whole new identities so they could live out their lives somewhere else. It's hard to believe there's much call for that in Albuquerque. When Jesse was going off to meet that guy in order to be whisked away, I figured the guy was just a killer. He'd collect his money then kill the people he was supposed to be saving. Wasn't there a serial killer in France who would do that----under Nazi occupation he would charge Jews to help them escape France and then murder them.

How is it that Huell's so good at picking Jesse's pockets? Is there any explanation for this skill? Was there any indication that he could do this before that thing with the Ricin cigarettes?

The episode ends with Jesse pouring a can of gasoline out in Walter's house. Was Walt, Jr., home, upstairs listening to loud music with headphones oblivious to the danger until it's too late? (Is it a two story house?) Come to think of it, we've already seen in a flash forward that Walter's house hasn't been burned down. There was no fire damage, was there?

Will the arson attempt bring police to the house who'll be able to search the place? Will Jesse be arrested again and feel better about spilling the beans about Walter's treachery? Has Walt's cancer really come back? He's been telling people it has, but there's no indication of that other than his saying it. In an early episode, he was actually distressed that his cancer went into remission. When he went into the meth business, he did so with the understanding that he wasn't going to live very long.

There was a Japanese movie about a kid who somehow learns that the world is coming to an end, so he goes out and kidnaps a girl and commits a number of other crimes. I didn't watch the movie to the end, but you knew the kid was going to feel like a jerk when the world didn't end after all.

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