Sunday, August 11, 2013

Breaking Bad season premiere

Hank was upset, gives a rundown of Walt's crimes, which, when you list them all at once, seem rather substantial. Bombing a nursing home, murdering witnesses.

When watching the show, he didn't seem so bad. For the most part, his crimes seemed to be acts of desperation and fairly reasonable under the circumstances. But there were so many of them, and how reasonable was it really? It's like when you start adding up how many people the Cartwrights killed over the years on Bonanza, or that horrible family on The Big Valley.

He did kill a couple of child-killing drug dealers.

Now I'm watching an episode from last season on Netflix. Hank talks with his supervisor whose career is wrecked by the fact that he was hanging around with Gus Fring. Will this give Hank pause when it comes to accusing his brother-in-law? Will it damage his own career, the fact that he didn't notice that his brother-in-law was a drug kingpin?

Mike was upset that Andrea suggests that he murder eleven people as a prophylactic measure, which does seem to be what Walt has done and goes on to do.

What becomes of Walt, Jr, and the baby? And Skyler?

They're already talking about a spin-off series about the lawyer, so he lives and stays out of prison, unless they're misleading us completely.

What about Jesse?

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