Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Woody Allen innocent--Mia a monster--and Ronan's just a mess

Ronan Farrow
Frank Sinatra

It's like Peyton Place.

Mia was sleeping with Frank Sinatra, an elderly married man in the first stages of senile dementia. This while she was in a quasi-common-law marriage with Woody Allen. She tags Woody as the father of Sinatra's love child. She gets Woody to adopt a few of her children, but, perhaps because she's sleeping with Frank Sinatra and God knows who else, Woody senses that they're growing apart. So he turns to her adopted daughter, Soon-yi. They go to basketball games, and he takes pornographic Polaroids of her.

And now, Ronan----like Russ Tamblyn in the original Peyton Place----is locked in an Oedipal nightmare. Kind of a one-sided Oedipal conflict since I can't imagine Woody Allen checking Twitter to see what Frank Sinatra's illegitimate bi-sexual son thinks.

I find it rather odd that Ronan puts all his comments about Woody allegedly molesting his (Ronan's) sister in joke form. And why would any mother retweet jokes about her daughter being molested? Is this what they've been doing around their rent-controlled apartment all these years, sitting around making incest jokes? How exactly should Dylan (now "Malone") feel about this?

Woody and Soon-yi's marriage has lasted longer than both of Mia's marriages combined. Her marriage to Frank lasted, what, a year or two? She broke up Andre Previn's first marriage, married him, then dumped him like a sack of potatoes.

Now it turns out that Mia lied in court, naming Allen as Ronan's father when her conduct was such that it could have been any bum off the street.

Sinatra was human garbage with his ties to the mafia. He bragged about hanging around with murderers, and Mia loved it. She was cackling on the phone when Sinatra called and offered to have Woody murdered.

Woody is innocent after all

During the whole Woody-Mia break-up, I just kind of assumed Woody was guilty of the molestation thing. Now I rather doubt it.

If it were true, would Mia keep defending Roman Polanski? Would she be retweeting Ronan's jokes about it? Would Ronan be joking about it on Twitter unless joking about it was normal in his family? And would it be normal in his family if it were true?

And on top of that we have Mia suddenly announcing that Frank Sinatra is probably Ronan's father. Either she's lying now or she's been lying about it for the last twenty-five years. If Sinatra was Ronan's father, then Mia lied in court and fraudulently collected a fortune in child support from Allen.

As Allen has said, why would he wait until he was in the middle of a custody battle to suddenly become a child molester?

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