Monday, February 3, 2014

Mia, Woody, Dylan, Alec Baldwin, et al

Mia Farrow and Nicholas Kristof

Years ago I was working a job in Boston. One of my co-workers got called for jury duty. She said her brother was a cop so she wouldn't get picked anyway, and she said she couldn't serve on a jury in any sort of child sex abuse case because she was so outraged that she would convict anyone accused of it.

"Even if they're innocent?" another woman said.

She didn't see why the defendant being innocent should quell her outrage. She said she would still convict him.

How is convicting an innocent person, or deciding that someone is guilty when you know nothing about it, a sign of how outraged you are by sexual abuse?

There's a woman who claims that Bill Clinton raped her. I don't know anything about her. I know Clinton was never accused, charged or investigated for this. Am I cruelly indifferent to rape victims if I don't blindly believe it's true?

Al Gore was asked somewhere if he thought Clinton was a rapist. He said he didn't know, which was honest but unnecessarily open-minded. He should have said, "I don't know. How do I know if YOU'RE a rapist. Why ask me?"

Which was essentially Alec Baldwin's response when Dylan Farrow wrote her "open letter" calling on movie stars to attack Woody Allen. He tweeted, "What the f[uck] is wrong w u that u think we all need to b commenting on this family's personal struggle?"

He continued, "So you know who's guilty? Who's lying? You, personally, know that? You are mistaken if you think there is a place for me, or any outsider, in this family's issue."

(He clearly wasn't addressing Dylan directly. If he were, "What the fuck is wrong with you" might be a bit harsh. The tweets have since been deleted.)

The tide may be turning. I'm not seeing any more items about how wonderful Ronan Farrow is and I'm starting to see articles raising doubts about the attacks on Allen.

Reading Dylan's open letter, I have more doubts now than I did before. Is she claiming that Allen sodomized her? A seven year old? And a medical examination found no evidence of this? Allen was at Farrow's house with her huge family and two or three nannies whose job it was to keep track of the kids. He disappears with her, sodomizes her, then they both come back ten minutes later, both acting as if nothing had happened? Maybe I'm naive about these things, but is that possible?

It's been pointed out that the "open letter" was posted on Nicholas Kristof's personal blog which doesn't have to meet any journalistic standards. Kristof has been a close friend of Mia Farrow's for years, traveling with her. There are pictures of them together at awards ceremonies. Since he's Mia's friend, it's clear that she's orchestrating this.

Mia has her Depends in a bunch because Allen's movie Blue Jasmine is getting more Oscar nominations. Her last "big role" was a small part in a trashy 2006 remake of The Omen.

It's been brought up that Mia has never commented on her brother pleading guilty to child molestation. He'll serve at least ten years in prison. He isn't estranged from Mia. He presumably had access to her children. I don't know if it means anything that Mia and Ronan have nothing to say in support of his victims, but there is Mia's total support for Roman Polanski.

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