Sunday, September 14, 2014

Young & Beautiful (2013)

It reminded me of The Unspeakable Act. French movie about a bourgeois 17-year-old girl who's very close with her 13-year-old brother who wants to hear all the details about her sleeping with a German youth while on vacation. But I'm not sure what their relationship is.  The brother watches her through his binoculars while she sunbathes topless, which I guess is considered normal there.

I didn't understand why the girl became a prostitute once they got back home.

Everybody's good-looking in this movie. The girl's step-father's good-looking in a scruffy French sort of way. She has sex with a couple of good-looking old guys. After an unfortunate incident, police go to her mother with proof of what she's been doing. Because of her age, she's a victim, not a perpetrator. She's grounded and has to see a psychologist, but she sulks through the rest of the movie because her mother won't let her be a prostitute.

The psychologist smiles too much and offers no insight as to why the girl would do this.

There's a lot of sex and nudity.

And then you have Charlotte Rampling's character, a good-looking old rich French woman who says that she wishes she had been a prostitute when she was young. What is wrong with these people? First of all, Charlotte could still find plenty of work as a prostitute if she wanted to. Watch the movie Barfly if you want to see what prostitutes look like. Being "young and beautiful" is not a requirement.

With Marine Vacth, Fatin Ravat and Geraldine Paihas among others.

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