Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Did Ronan Farrow screw himself?

I once heard a comedian on the radio talk about the time he performed in a prison. The inmates weren't appreciative. There were several comics who performed and each was heckled and shouted down. Finally the guy they interviewed went on last. He violated all the rules the prison officials gave them. He took money out of his pocket, he talked about sex and he mocked them being in prison while he could go free, and they were amused by this.

By coincidence, I heard another story on another radio show (these were in NPR.) They talked about Bob Hope performing in Vietnam. There was at least one time that he had to flee, that the troops didn't respond well. And someone reporting on this noted that the soldiers reacted much the way people in prison might react.

Someone else went on talking about Bob Hope. He got hate mail from people who were anti-war, and he was bewildered by it.

But the journalist noted that Hope had tied himself to this, associated himself with war. He has to take the bad with the good and it's easy to see how it could turn on him.

Which made me think of Ronan Farrow. He can talk about having been a "diplomat" (what diplomacy did he ever engage in?) and working with the warmongering Secretary of State Hilary Clinton (whose idea of diplomacy was making military threats). But nobody ever heard of him until his started attacking his father on Twitter.

Was this really a good idea? He looks like a jerk to anyone who doesn't share his hatred of his father. Even if you hate Woody Allen, doesn't it seem a little weird that Ronan would feel so strongly about events that allegedly took place when he was four years old? I'm sure he has vaguely unpleasant memories of his parents' break up, but he has no personal knowledge of anything that happened. Whatever his feelings are, they were drummed into him by his mother with whom he is abnormally close. He and his mother were working hand in hand demonizing Woody Allen.

Will people be comfortable with the idea that a person can be publicly attacked and smeared by a wealthy pretty boy who knows only what his nutjob mother tells him?
Ronan may have screwed himself. We'll see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

What the fuck kind of fanboy hard-on do you have for Woody Allen that you'd toss aside child rape accusations?
The court documents are available online (like everything) and reveal it was the children's nanny that reported to Mia Farrow suspicious behavior around his adopted daughter Dylan. Don't tell me... the nanny was in on it with Mia Farrow too and was only reporting such a thing to endear herself to Farrow somehow!

The man made some arguably great films. But for fuck's sake, don't trivialize what he did. I don't give two fucks about Ronan Farrow or MSNBC, but if I had an older sibling that had been sexually assaulted and the perpetrator was not only free but publicly lauded constantly, I'd have something to say about it, too.

Waldo Scott said...

Read what the other nanny said:


I'm not trivializing anything. I just don't believe it happened.

Bakhirun said...

My favorite comment about "ski-nose" Bob and his well-documented USO visits to front-line American troops:

"Where there's death, there's Hope."


Everyone knows Frank Sinatra is his dad. -
Even Mia agrees-

Earl Grey said...

Looks more like Sinatra than Sinatra Jr even.

Georgia Peach said...

If it walks like a duck, if it sings like a duck, if it looks like a duck, it is a Sinatra!
Ronan and his mother have every reason to lay into Mr Allen at every opportunity after his lewd behaviour with Soon Yi.

Thistledown Studio said...

Thank you!

Waldo Scott said...

The accusations against Allen were investigated and disproven. Read the reports. Ronan Farrow is a lawyer and supposedly a journalist. Isn't he capable of researching this? The Yale New Haven investigators concluded that it didn't happen. You think he knows more about it than they do?

You don't think it's at all suspicious that Mia Farrow still defends and supports Roman Polanski and hasn't said a word about her own brother in prison for molesting two boys? Unless she was completely estranged from her brother for nearly all of her adult life, he had access to her children.

Dylan Farrow, by the way, had until she was 20 to press charges. Why didn't she?

Soon-yi is a 46-year-old millionaire with a masters degree from Columbia. If she was a victim, she can say so herself.

Mia Farrow is a proven liar. We know Ronan Farrow's date of birth. Nine months earlier, Mia Farrow was in Connecticut filming the movie September and Frank Sinatra (who had a vasectomy years earlier) was with his wife in Las Vegas where he was performing in a long engagement. She claimed that she and Sinatra "never really broke up" even thought they were divorced and both married other people. SInatra was a 50-year-old alcoholic when they got married. He dumped her because he didn't want her to work. And she says he was "the love of [her] life".

Mia Farrow has adopted children who don't know who their fathers are or don't know who either of their parents are. How callous does she have to be to make light of this, for her to publicly claim that she doesn't know who Ronan's father is?

Bakhirun said...

Thanks Waldo Scott for your detailed and insightful comments. Mia Farrow has always come across as something of a nutcase, and anyone who is familiar with nasty breakups / divorces will recognize that child sexual abuse is a very handy weapon for a woman to beat an unloved husband with. Even if there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever a miasma of suspicion will endure forever. You cannot escape it, particularly if you are in a high-profile field like show biz.

Anonymous said...

God, how disgusting are you?

Anonymous said...

Also nice job demonizing the woman.Apply your "high" moral standards on that creep-ass director.

Waldo Scott said...

You DON'T think it's strange that Farrow supports Polanski?