Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stop being polite to Woody Allen-haters

Did Woody Allen molest Dylan? I don't know. I wasn't there. But there's very good reason to not believe it. The only people who think he did are either ignorant or claim that they don't need facts because they "believe the victim", even when they have no idea whether she's a victim or not.

I had this conversation with a fundamentalist Christian long ago. How do you know the Bible is the word of God? Because it says so, right there in the Bible! How do you know it's telling the truth when it says that? Because the Bible is the Word of God!

How do you know Dylan is a victim? Because she says she is. How do you know she's telling the (objective) truth? Because you should always believe the victim.

And what exactly is Woody Allen accused of? People are carrying on about how "detailed" Dylan's new account was. But all she said was "he sexually assaulted me" which covers a broad range.

In the case of Mia Farrow's friend, Roman Polanski, we know specifically what he did. We also know what Mia Farrow's convicted pedophile brother did to his victims. But no one knows what they're claiming Woody Allen did.

They're claiming it's something so hideously shocking and soul-destroying that, twenty years later, Dylan was lying on her bed in a fetal position at the mere thought of Woody Allen getting a Golden Globe. Yet they claim that he took her upstairs in a house full of people, committed this monstrous crime, then came back downstairs with her, both of them acting as if nothing had happened and no one noticing anything out of the ordinary.

One clever commenter claimed that this was proof he was guilty, that Woody chose that moment to suddenly become a child molester---in a house full of people including nannies whose only job was to watch Dylan like a hawk---because it was so illogical and implausible that no one would ever suspect.

Witnesses who were there, including Moses Farrow, say it didn't happen. They never wandered off together. There were staff who say it never happened. One said that Dylan was never out of her sight for more than a few minutes.

Moses, now a family therapist, believes that Dylan either had false memories drummed into her by Mia Farrow, or is intentionally lying to please their domineering mother.

From Wikipedia:
In that same [People Magazine] interview, he described his mother Mia Farrow as "vengeful" and his childhood being raised by her as "horrifying", saying he was physically abused by his mother.[15] He has said that he and his siblings were often used by their mother as "pawns" and that he "cannot trust anything that is said or written from anyone in the family.”[16]
It's time to stop being mealy-mouthed about it. Mia Farrow is a liar using her children to both get even with Woody Allen for marrying Soon-Yi and to get publicity for herself, launching her new career as a celebrity "activist" which seems to consist mostly of posting things on Twitter. All her talk about how devoted she is as a mother, speaking out for "all victims of abuse" is belied by her active support for Roman Polanski and her silence about her brother. She doesn't care that her brother is a proven child molester who had access to her children. At least one of the nannies has confirmed that Mia was abusive to Moses, in one case slapping him in the face because he couldn't find the leash for the dog.

She either lied in court when she named Woody Allen as Ronan's father, or she lied when she told Vanity Fair that Ronan's father might have been Frank Sinatra because she had been sleeping with him all those years. If she'll lie about that, she'll lie about anything.

Mia claims that Soon-Yi is a victim, yet she physically attacked her, pummeling and punching her. She didn't act like a mother protecting her child----she acted like a skank who thought somebody stole her boyfriend.

Soon-Yi is now 40-years-old, she's a millionaire and has a masters degree from Columbia. If she was victimized by Woody Allen she would have figured it out and left him a long time ago. The fact that they've been happily married far longer than both of Mia's failed marriages put together shows that Soon-Yi and Woody getting together was a good move for both of them.

If Mia Farrow had stayed married to Andre Previn for as long as Woody and Soon-Yi have been together, it would have cast her actions in that case in a better light. She broke up Andre Previn's marriage to Dory Previn. Dory Previn suffered a nervous breakdown because of it and was hospitalized for a time. Mia destroyed their marriage then decided after nine years that she didn't want Andre after all.

Woody Allen has two teenage daughters who now have to listen to the lies and attacks on their father. I have yet to hear a single person attack Woody Allen without misstating one fact after another. The objective facts are not difficult to understand. They get them wrong because they use dogma as a substitute for truth and think that their ideology entitles them to lie.

It's time to stop being polite with these people. It's useless to be even-handed when you're up against lies and stupidity.

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miranda said...

This is a very cogent, well-written summary of the arguments in this sad, sick case. I agree entirely with your conclusions, and am enjoying the commentary on your blog.